Lynne Lewis: West Africa Murder Mysteries

by Rosemary Yaco

Murder in the Peace Corps   Lynne Lewis, in the Peace Corps in French speaking Africa, is stationed in the far North of Togo during a time of national instability. Four violent deaths occur. In a period of near revolution, in a country with twenty languages and a strong belief in voodoo, Lynne uses her knowledge of the volunteers and her growing knowledge of Togo to help Inspector Mc Duff, a temporary State Department official without a staff, to discover the murderer.
Image for Appointment in Togo   Lynne Lewis is appointed Fulbright Professor at the University of Togo after her years as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Almost immediately, she finds evidence of a bloody murder on the run-down campus. She struggles to help the eager Togolese English majors to get college degrees despite increasing instability as the country tries to gain democracy and depose the long term dictator. Lynne helps the US State Department sort through the eccentric group of Americans at the university and several perhaps sinister Africans to solve the violent deaths of two colleagues.

Cotonou Means Death: Murder at the American Cultural Center

Cotonou Means Death  

When Lynne Lewis left Togo during violent political unrest, she hoped for a safer life in Benin, the neighboring French speaking country. But danger erupts as soon as she crosses the border. A threatening encounter at the checkpoint turns deadly as a man is shot in a confusing gun battle. Once Lynne arrives in Cotonou for her new job at the American Cultural Center, she works frantically to establish the English Language Program while helping Inspector Mc Duff find the surprising malignant force behind the violence in the American community of Benin.


Murder at a Small Embassy: Evil in Benin

Small Embassy logo

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Lynne Lewis has married her long-time lover, Everett, the Economic officer at the State department in Benin. However, the joy of her recent marriage is darkened by the murders of three Americans. She hopes for a new closeness with her husband when he asks her to help solve the crimes, which seem somehow related to voodoo witchcraft in the Embassy itself. Then gorgeous Daphne, a State Department consultant, appears. Soon the murderous rivalries, sexual and political, are revealed. Lynne realizes she is in personal danger until the killer is found. Oddly, her fascination and close attention to Africa’s beautiful fabrics help her solve the mysteries.


Lynne Lewis, back from nine years in Togo and Benin, is living at the Watergate apartments with her twin babies and husband Everett who is now Desk Officer for West Africa. Extreme danger intrudes into her long dreamed of happy marriage. A box of papers and a journal written by her grandmother Lucy in Grand Rapids in 1944 is delivered to her. Events occurring to people at Northern High 40 years in the past put Lynne in mortal danger in 2006. As Lynne reads, she gets calls and messages that threaten her life if she doesn't turn over the documents to her malevolent cousin Mercy. The papers reveal violent deaths involving blonde Betty Lou, a prom queen, and her fellow students and teachers on the home front during the last months of World War Two. Menace appears at a high school show, a hunting expedition, a winter dance, and a trip to see tulips in Holland Michigan. VE day brings wild and joyful celebrations in staid Grand Rapids, but provides further tormenting revelations to Grandmother Lucy. Lynne, often cowering on the floor away from windows and the line of fire of possible gunshot, continues her reading of the old papers. Everett helps her investigate hints found in them. When she goes to do some research in government archives, the past meets present and she comes close to death.

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